Why apprenticeships?

Addressing the skills gap

We know that it's only through people that a business can grow. New ideas and skills are the driving force behind successful businesses and our Apprenticeship Programme is designed to ensure that your employees have the knowledge and practical skills they need to help your business prosper.

Apprenticeships are available to up-skill your existing staff or recruit an apprentice into a vacancy - and we're here to help you in the process, saving you time and money.

Could your employees benefit from an apprenticeship?

See what skills development can do for your business and your employees

Your Business

  • Tailored workplace training package at no cost to you
  • Improve staff performance and motivation
  • Improve quality of service to customers

Your Employees

  • Gives a clearer understanding of their responsibility within the organisation
  • Offers the opportunity to develop new skills
  • Gives recognition for existing skills

Our Qualifications

Apprenticeships are available at Intermediate, Advanced and Higher (Degree) level and employees are matched to the qualification that best suits their current competencies and career aspirations.

We deliver a wide range of courses and qualifications covering different roles and sectors, including Retail, Hospitality, Business Admin and Warehousing.

Click here for our full list of courses and further details.


Looking To Hire An Apprentice?

The programme gives you the chance to recruit some of the brightest young people fresh out of school and represents an attractive solution for you to grow your own talent.

Government funding is available to you when you recruit an apprentice. If they're:

  • aged 16 to 18 - you can get all of their course costs covered up to advanced level apprenticeship qualifications, eg higher diplomas or A-levels
  • aged 19 to 24 - you can get half of their course costs
  • 25 years and older - you may only get a contribution

Five Reasons Why You Should Hire An Apprentice

A committed workforce

Most apprentices are young school or college leavers, meaning that they have more will and energy than ever to learn within your organisation as you support their career progress, ultimately creating a loyal workforce.

Bridging the skills gap

It’s increasingly more challenging to recruit people with the particular skills needed to move your business forward. We address this challenge by ensuring that training is tailored to your requirements and business objectives.

Fresh ideas

Apprentices bring a wealth of fresh ideas and new perspective to a working environment, which can make a world of difference to your growing business.


Government funding exists to sustain and grow your business through apprenticeships – don’t miss out.

Help grow the economy

By choosing to join the Apprenticeship Programme, you also make a contribution to the wider economy – data from National Apprenticeship Service shows that every £1 spent on apprentices pays back £28 to the economy.

Got Questions?

If you decide to take on an apprentice your Employer Relationship Manager will be with you throughout the whole process to answer any questions you may have.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How long does an apprenticeship last?

An apprenticeship lasts for a minimum of 12 months and employment must generally be for at least 30 hours a week.

I’ve never recruited an apprentice – how does it work?

Recruiting an apprentice has never been easier. We’ll help you with everything you need to know from how to carry out induction to wage and funding questions. A dedicated advisor will take you through designing the job description, choosing the right qualifications based on your employees' needs and talk you through the recruitment process, where we can also support with interviewing and screening.

Do I get any support once I launch the Apprenticeship Programme?

Once we’ve vetted applicants suitable for your vacancy and you’ve selected the perfect candidate, we’ll be there to support you and your apprentice. To ensure everything is running smoothly, an Avanta assessor/tutor is assigned to work with you to design a full induction programme and deliver the qualification by visiting the apprentice in your workplace every four weeks.

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