Recruitment Service

PeoplePlus offer a FREE recruitment service to any employer who is looking to recruit new apprentices to their business.

Levy Payers – If you take on a new apprentice who is 16-18, the government will give you a £1000 incentive. They will also top up your levy contributions by 10%

Non Levy Payers / SMEs – If you take on a new apprentice who is 16-18 not only will you receive a £1000 incentive, but all of their training will be paid for! If you recruit a new apprentice 19+, 90% of their training costs will be paid for meaning you only have to pay 10%. For example, a £4000 apprenticeship will only cost you £400 in training cost

How the Recruitment Service Works

We like to keep things simple, so we have five easy steps:

  1. You (the employer) tell us you’d like to recruit a number of new apprentices into various roles. We will identify what you’re looking for in a candidate and key information around start dates, wages and point of contact
  2. We advertise your vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Website
  3. We will screen the initial applications that come in and present you with a final three to choose from. Prior to this we will have conducted eligibility checks and English and Maths assessments
  4. We will support you with the interview process if you wish
  5. If you are looking to recruit a larger number of apprentices (5+) we will organise specific ‘Recruitment Days’ for you

Thank you for all the support you have given us throughout our apprentice recruitment project. You have supported both the candidates and ourselves, demonstrating that with a bit of effort the right candidates can be found on a tight schedule

Julie Barrow
HR Manager, Saica

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