National Employability Day 2017 at Peopleplus –

The events on the 14th July 2017 saw almost 2000 customers from across the country attend and participate with the activities their local branches hosted and over 250 key organisations were in attendance to join in with the celebrations and promote a mixture of local labour market opportunities available for local job seekers. The events across the country have been hailed a massive success with over 300 interviews and sign up appointments with agencies for employer led courses being arranged as a result of the event

Help With Recruitment

We have more than 30 years’ experience providing businesses with recruitment and training solutions. With over 150 branches staffed by more than 2,700 employees, we’re anything but short of resources to get you the support you need – all with no direct cost to you.

Why leave your recruitment with us?

  • We provide job-ready candidates
  • We save you precious time and money – there is no direct cost to you for our services
  • We have the flexibility to tailor solutions to your specific business needs
  • We deliver the right candidates for the right roles thanks to our vast training expertise

Dedicated support mentors to help you work out a learning plan and achieve your goal

We’ll advertise your vacancies and pre-screen all applicants – and we’ll save you time and money as there is no direct cost to you for our services. We also have a pool of job-ready candidates so we can meet even the most immediate staffing needs.

We run fully-funded training programmes tailored to your business needs. This means that the candidates we put forward for interview with you are already equipped with the skills you need.

Once we place a candidate with you, we’re there to support them for up to two years to ensure they succeed in the role with you.

69% of employers offered training to their employees in the last year. We know how important it is to develop your staff whilst in their job and with our access to funding initiatives, you can build a workforce you can rely on to grow your business.

By using the PeoplePlus’s recruitment service, we have saved costs and have sourced excellent candidates, and they’re bringing a fresh injection of talent into our established business operations.

Mark Taylor

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