Could you mentor a business start-up?

If you’re experienced in business and willing to share your knowledge to inspire, guide and motivate others on their journey to self-employment then volunteering with PeoplePlus could be for you. You will not only be transforming people’s lives but you’ll be actively contributing to the reduction of unemployment in Britain.

Mentoring is flexible from the comfort of your home, face to face or over Skype and you are free to choose how much time you can dedicate to your mentee each month – every hour counts!

Please get in touch at 0161 212 7429 or email to find out more and sign up to our mentoring programme.

Martine Grainger, Birmingham, Our Business Advisor, Naz Hassain, was very supportive. To be honest, he made the process of starting up quite easy. What I found particularly helpful was that whenever we got stuck with anything, we always knew that we could call Naz and he’d know what to do. When you are going into something new, it’s important to have someone like that on your side.

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Quick details

  • Over 30 years’ experience helping new and small businesses get off the ground and grow.
  • Helping to create 45000 business start-ups.
  • 85% Of our customers are still trading after two years
  • 28% Have gone on to employ up to 10 employees
  • 6% High growth businesses with 10+ employees and turnover in the millions
    88% Of customers say their enterprise advisor was the key to their success

We plan to develop our partnership further with PeoplePlus. We found that the end result of working together made the effort from both sides very worthwhile. Guinness Partnership and PeoplePlus both learnt a great deal about each other and our potential together to improve choices for our customers.

Ian Simpson
Head of Access to Work, Guinness Partnership

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