Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Peopleplus support customers to learn how they can manage their own personal health and wellbeing along with providing information and signposting opportunities to support the customers in making informed positive lifestyle changes.

We work with outside organisations promoting their services whilst wanting to promote PeoplePlus and the work which we are engaging with on the day to variety of local stakeholders.

We want to provide an excellent platform to promote future joint working opportunities, highlight the positive work which takes place across all our regions and strengthen those existing relationships already in place with key specialist intervention partners and community organisations.

  • We want to change the current thinking to focus on health as an asset, rather than ill health as a burden
  • We want to support local action to address variations in people’s opportunities for a healthy life.
  • We believe for a society to prosper and flourish good health is pivotal to this.

An ageing population and increasing prevalence of long term conditions is set to have a significant impact on health and social care (The Kings Fund)

  • *Older people will make up a greater proportion of the workforce in the future – 200,000 fewer people aged 16-49 and 3.2m 50+
  • The number of people with three or more long term conditions is predicted to rise from 1.9M to 2.9M in 2018 (The Kings Fund)
  • 12M people in the UK have a long term condition, equating to
  • 1:3 people in work (Improving Lives, Work, Health and Disability, 2016*)
  • 1:4 adults (1:10 children) in the UK will suffer with a mental health problem at any given time (NHS England)
  • 1 in 5 of the working age population report a mental health condition* and every year in the UK 70M working days are lost due to mental health illness (including stress, anxiety and depression, this makes mental health the leading cause of sickness absence from the workplace (The Mental Health Foundation)

The worlds 3.2 billion workers are increasingly unwellIn March 2017, NHS Digital published Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet, which revealed the following in the UK:

They are growing older and less healthy

Of labour workforce over 55 18%
Of adults overweight 52%
Of adults have diabetes 9%
Are struggling with "physical wellbeing 76%
In 2015, 68% of men in the UK are overweight 68%
In 2015 58% of women in the UK are overweight 58%

They are stressed, unhappy and even unsafe at work

Excess pressure on the job 38%
Actively disengaged at work 24%
People who are long term unemployed or have never worked were most likely to be inactive 37%
One third of children aged between 2-15 are overweight or obese 33%
26% of Adults eat the 5 a day recommendation of fruit and vegetables 26%

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