As the largest independent provider of education in prisons, we provide over two million hours of learning and vocational training each year


Offender Learning and Skills Service

As the largest independent provider of education in prisons, we provide over two million hours of learning and vocational training each year. We are currently working with 9,100 offenders in ten prisons, delivering high quality courses that range from basic literacy to the arts.

The Offender Learning and Skills Service are available to all serving prisoners and offers a range of training opportunities.

We also offer over 600 different qualifications ranging from a BTEC in Construction and the Built Environment to a GSCE Mathematics and a Diploma in Painting and Decorating.

Way Out TV

We have also pioneered the innovative WAY OUT TV which was launched September 2014

Wayout TV & Way2Learn are educational television channels developed by PeoplePlus as a means of communication, education and the promotion of offender services. Delivered direct to in-cell TVs within HMPs and developed by the OLASS Education team in the East of England.

The primary objective of the service is to educate, inform and communicate to detainees in their cell, in an engaging and prisoner-centric manner. Wayout TV partners with over 30 content providers to provide programming which compliments, reinforces and extends the education curriculum. This exclusive content, provided by a range of broadcasters including RedBull, TED Talks, VICE, OU & The Community Channel (to name a few) provides a unique opportunity to entertain, educate offenders and turn the dumb box in the corner into a SMART TV. Way2Learn delivers bite-size course for in-cell education and includes subjects such as Graphic Design, Employability, Maths and Basic Health & Fitness

Where We WorkWe work with all prisons in the East of England to deliver the Offender Learning and Skills Service:

  • Bedford
  • Bure
  • Chelmsford
  • Hollesley Bay
  • Littlehey
  • Norwich
  • The Mount
  • Warren Hill
  • Wayland
  • Whitemoor

We’re committed to tackling the underlying causes of crime and offending, and to giving offenders and ex-offenders a second chance.

We are the largest private provider of the Offender Learning and Skills Service.

For those seeking support after leaving custody, we can help them get free, independent advice on debt issues. We also help them find work through contracts like the Work Programme – where individuals can sign-up for employment support before being released. Additionally, we are working with employers throughout the UK to improve the recruitment practices and the job prospects of offenders, as part of the Employers’ Forum for Reducing Re-offending.

Every time that I visit PeoplePlus, I am astonished by the dedication and support that is provided by Becci and her team. It is right that once a customer starts employment they are continually provided with the support and assistance that enables them to thrive, and I am pleased that this is of paramount importance to PeoplePlus. Well done to Becci and her team on the employment successes that we see here in Hastings and our local communities. I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Amber Rudd
Home Secretary

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