A combination of personalised employment assistance, skills development and support for jobseekers is the driver behind Avanta’s success

A combination of personalised employment assistance, skills development and support for jobseekers interested in becoming self-employed is the driver behind our success placing Work Programme customer into the work.

Alongside our subcontractors we operate in four contract package areas – North East, North West (Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington), South East (Surrey, Sussex and Kent) and Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country. With their help, over 106,000 new jobs have been filled through the Work Programme and 6,500 new businesses created. Following the release of the latest job outcome figures from the Department of Work and Pensions (18 December 2014), Managing Director of PeoplePlus, Rod Jackson said:

The figures released today show that Work Programme performance continues to improve.

“We are committed to helping the jobseekers we work with to find, and stay in, work. Through personalised support and the integration of employment and skills training we have placed long-term jobseekers into more than 106,000 jobs.”

One of the people we have helped into work is 21 year-old Sam from Canterbury.

Sam was receiving Jobseekers Allowance and facing issues such as homelessness and family difficulties with his partner and young child before being referred to Avanta. All whilst trying to cope with becoming who he felt he really was: a female transitioning to become a male which prevented him from maintaining steady work.

Finding a role that would allow Sam to be himself and that also provided personal and professional development became the goal for Job Coach Emma Tilbrook. She recognised he would need something that matched his personality while also helping with his transition.

Through one-to-one coaching, pre-employment training courses to build his confidence and some tough conversations on keeping focused and moving forward, Sam was placed into a professional groundsman role.

“With my current gender reassignment situation, Emma sat with me for hours and broadened her horizons which broadened mine."

“If I hadn’t gone to PeoplePlus and met Emma I would still be unemployed and looking for jobs that I wouldn’t enjoy nor feel socially accepted in,” said Sam.

We not only help people find jobs we also help them to create their own, supporting Work Programme clients through the Enterprise division to start their own business. Over 6,500 people have gone on to start their own business with the support of an Enterprise Advisor.