Bradley, from Manchester, had been unemployed for 9 months after becoming the victim of an armed robbery at the pub where he had been a successful landlord.

The traumatic event had such an impact on him that he could no longer carry on his work at the pub. Being forced to give up the work he loved caused him to become withdrawn and he began to suffer from depression.

Bradley, 31, was receiving Employment Support Allowance when he was referred to us on the Work Programme in September 2013. This is where he met his Job Coach, Louise, and where Bradley feels the opportunities and possibilities for his future began to change.

“When I first came to PeoplePlus I was met with what I can only describe as a very friendly team of people who were there to help from the start.” Louise remembers Bradley’s first day in the centre: “At his first appointment Bradley was very nervous but finally opened up to me about his distressing experience and confided in me how nervous he was around new people.”

Louise worked with Bradley to build his confidence and overcome some of his anxieties about starting work. Together they identified his key skills and jobs and working environments that would be a good match. They updated his CV and worked on interview preparations and techniques. It didn’t take long before Bradley was able to put everything he’d learned into practice.

“I was only with PeoplePlus for about one week when I was put forward for a job as a postman for TNT. I had the interview the following day, was successful and my career has gone from strength to strength and I have PeoplePlus to thank for this.

“After my interview I received a phone call offering me a supervisor roll within the company which I gladly accepted. After about a month I was offered the roll of Access Champion which consists of obtaining information in and around Manchester for the postman to gain access to buildings to post mail.” And it didn’t end there: in January 2014, Bradley was made Assistant Team Leader and in March was promoted to Team Leader of his own unit in the city centre managing over 50 members of staff.

Of his overall experience with PeoplePlus, Bradley says: “If it wasn’t for them doing all the hard work then I wouldn’t have the job that I love. I still hear from PeoplePlus from time to time which shows to me that they go beyond the call of duty”