Carl is one of the thousands of jobseekers we've helped to get into work with personalised support.

Carl, 28, from Redcar, is one of the thousands of jobseekers who have received support that makes a difference on the Work Programme. Living with his partner and their young baby, Carl’s responsibilities grew considerably in the four years he had been unemployed before coming to PeoplePlus.

Tracey, his dedicated Job Coach, saw that Carl lacked guidance and understanding of the opportunities to live without benefits which prompted her to take the time to explain the process, advantages and responsibilities involved. During his time with us, Carl was supported with:

  • Advice on setting up his bank account
  • Better off calculation
  • CV advice and guidance for registering on job sites
  • Basic IT skills
  • Job search sessions
  • Training in leadership skills, motivation, guidance and safe guarding

After 95 weeks on the Work Programme, we've successfully placed Carl in a Warehouse Cleaner role at TC Facilities Management in Teeside - he started his job in November last year.

Carl’s in-work support mentor, Nicola, is in touch with him regularly to provide ongoing support and comments on his great progress: “Carl is enjoying what he’s doing and he’s very happy to get full time hours.”

“Carl had limited barriers other than not knowing how many hours he needed to work to be better off than on benefits, CV and bank account, and we worked with him to help with whatever was needed in order to get him into employment.”