In their latest report, the UK Commission for Employment and Skills give an overview of the current labour market and principles behind Growth Through People.

Last November the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) released a report which highlighted five key priorities for businesses and employers to achieve growth through people. Today, the UK Commission published the follow-up Growth Through People report, containing a detailed overview of the current labour market and the proposed ways to address the five priorities.

Report highlights

The report outlines the impact that skills shortages have on business productivity and calls for mobilisation from employers and government to “raise the bar on skills in sectors, regions and supply chain” in order to boost skills competitiveness.

Small and large employers are becoming more and more aware of the issues skills shortages raise in their organisations; however, the report notes that despite an increased interest to train and up-skill their workforce, there is little actual progress made in this direction. Is it the lack of time? Guidance? Or information available? With approximately 4 million workers reported as underemployed across the UK, the need for employers to take action is becoming critical to business productivity performance.

Delivering Growth Through People

The priorities in delivering growth through people, as proposed in the report, are: - Employers to lead on skills and government should enable them to do so - Improving workplace productivity should be recognised as the key route to increasing pay and prosperity - ‘Earning and learning’ should be the gold standard in vocational education - Employers and education providers should work more closely to prepare people for work - Success should be measured by a wider set of outcomes, not just educational attainment

How we can help

We can help you address the skills gap in your workforce by working with you to develop a training programme that addresses specific needs of your business. As a leading employment and training provider, we work with a number of local and national employers to help them recruit and train their staff. We have access to funding to help you develop your staff giving them training they need to help your business grow.

Most recently, we’ve been working with Barton Marine, an established sailing business in Whitstable, Kent, to place a Manufacturing Operations apprentice within their Mould Shop. Paul, Managing Director, acknowledged the role Jed, his new apprentice, plays in his business and how he sees the value of nurturing talent in view of creating a loyal and skilled workforce that will ultimately make a difference to his growing business. Read more

You can view the full report findings here.