Amy, 28, had been out of work for 5 years when she got referred to us on the Work Programme.

As a single mother of a 6 and a 10 year-old she was keen to get back to work but she was struggling to find a job that she could fit around her family commitments.

When our Skills Tutor, Katherine, met Amy she noticed that Amy’s confidence had been shaken as a result of many years of unemployment and unsuccessful attempts to get a job. As a result, Katherine suggested that Amy joined our Pre-Employment Training programme, designed to equip our jobseekers with the required skills to apply to specific roles. During this course Amy's confidence gradually improved, learning how to be successful in a retail interview and how to make a good impression in the workplace.

Her dedicated tutor also helped her with writing a good CV and successful applications. Through one-to-one interview support, working on team tasks and doing presentations to the class, Amy improved her communication skills significantly and gained confidence speaking to employers and selling her skills.

Amy is now in her sixth month as a part-time Sales Assistant at Sainsbury’s in Horley and is doing very well. In this time, she has been trained on the tills and shop floor and is getting on well with the other team members. Amy showed interest in the bakery section and got the necessary training to work there too, and generally she has a good knowledge of the store's products and procedures.

Katherine says: "It's great to see Amy doing well in her role and to see how much her confidence has improved. She is more confident now of her abilities and is able to stay calm under pressure and work efficiently in the store."

Our work supporting Sainsbury’s stores with recruitment spans across multiple locations in the UK; our Redhill branch has worked particularly closely with the Horley store manager since it opened two years ago to train and place our jobseekers into retail jobs. We’re always in touch with our jobseekers and their employers to ensure they persevere in their roles and the managers’ feedback is always positive.

Amy’s employer says: "Amy has quickly become a key colleague in the bakery and hot food area. She has good skills and a caring and conscientious attitude."

We enjoy seeing our customers grow and enjoy their roles, but also seeing the impact that sustainable employment makes on their personal lives. Amy is grateful for the recent changes in her life:

"Thanks to PeoplePlus I’ve gained confidence, I am learning every day and enjoying my job role."

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