Simon, 35, from Middlesbrough, and our Skills Tutor, Rachel, have a lot to be proud of.

Simon was a junior manager at Wilton Golf Club when he approached us in October 2014 looking to gain a qualification. Simon was particularly interested in participating in the Management course as he did not hold any formal qualifications and was keen to progress in his role.

Our Skills tutor, Rachel, carried out an initial assessment and diagnostics to identify areas of improvement for Simon – she quickly identified a lack of confidence and skills in English and ICT and realised that Simon needed to be prepared further in order to sit though the Functional Skill English assessment.

Rachel says: “I was determined to help Simon achieve his full potential. We met twice a month to work through the preparation for his English exams.”

On the day of his written exam, Simon encountered some technical and logistical challenges and wasn't feeling confident that he passed. However, he proved himself wrong – Simon passed with an impressive 80%, clearly showing improvements in his English writing.

“Simon also had some ICT confidence issues at the beginning which he's really improved on, as it was evident from the work he has submitted and the capability he had when completing the online exams. “

“Simon had not done any English since school, and it is a real achievement for him to have passed his level 2 in Functional Skills English. He has shown that he has really taken in what he has learnt during the course and continues to make fantastic progress!”, Rachel said.

Simon is already seeing the benefits of taking the qualification, having been promoted to Manager at the Club.

“My qualification from PeoplePlus has made a very positive difference to me and my career in management.”

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