Managing recruitment for large organisations

We work with large employers including Sainsbury’s, Poundland, Greggs, TNT, Swissport and Patisserie Valerie amongst others, all of whom rely on us to manage their recruitment and training needs. We do this through our Master Vendor model, acting as a managing agent.

What we've achieved >

  • Poundland: Reduced recruitment cost from £4,000 per candidate to just £800, inclusive of staff costs
  • Sainsbury's: Developed a tailored Pre-Employment Training Academy to supply candidates for general retail vacancies

Your Single Point Of Contact For All Your Recruitment Needs

As a managing agent for TC Facilities Management, we took the time to understand Katrina's specific recruitment needs and design a process that is entirely tailored to the business and delivers on her recruitment objectives. As a large employer we know that your staffing needs are unique.

Read more on how we manage recruitment for Katrina

Leave your recruitment to us

Here are the benefits

  • Reduced recruitment costs with no direct service fees to you
  • Fair and consistent recruitment process
  • Job-ready candidates
  • Ability to measure performance and quality of the process
  • Ability to adapt service to specialist projects or key candidate groups
  • CSR-friendly approach
  • Innovation in recruitment

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