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More than 50% of new businesses fail in their first year and for the majority it is a challenge to make a profit in year 1.

There are many reasons for this, low sales, insufficient start-up funding, and increasingly, a lack of training, support and access to accurate information.

If this affects you, then The Enterprise Hub can help.

We developed The Enterprise Hub to minimise the risk of start-up failure and as an alternative to expensive one to one programmes meaning you can guide start-ups to success from the outset.

With over 30 years’ experience, PeoplePlus has helped to support over 100,000 businesses set-up by delivering first class self-employment support and training. 80% of our customers are still trading into their second year, and 28% go on to employ 10 or more employees.

So we know what business success looks like.

The Enterprise Hub is an interactive online platform with a wealth of information, resources and knowledge to support small businesses.  Each piece of content on The Enterprise Hub has been curated or created by experts in the self-employment industry. With articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, how-to guides, download-able content and graphics; The Enterprise Hub has something to suit every industry.

Where You Come In

If you’re affected when small businesses struggle, wouldn’t you want to prevent this and help your self-employed customer base with something that sets you apart from the competition?

Perhaps you are a public sector organisation who has residents that are small businesses, maybe you are a finance organisation who supports SME’s, or an organisation that has self-employed employees.

If so, The Enterprise Hub can support your people and be fully tailored to your needs offering a range of benefits including:

·        White-labelling the interface to match your branding

·        A customisable package to tailor the content directly to your customer base

·        An affordable alternative to costly face to face support

·        CRM capabilities so you can plug in your customer database

·        Monitor and analyse use to see what your users are interested in

·        Promote your services throughout the Hub to target the self-employed

·        A live web-chat function so your users can get support day or night, wherever they are

The PeoplePlus Enterprise Hub is the ideal tool for those who are considering starting a business, and if you as an employer, funder or stakeholder have a vested interest and obligation to support the self-employed in your area, The Enterprise Hub can be the perfect solution for your business.

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