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Independent Living Services – COVID19 Update

Important Brexit news (updated January 2021) – If you employ EU nationals as personal assistants, please click here to read a fact sheet about your obligations as an employer. If you are a PA, please click here to read a fact sheet about steps you need to take. You can also visit the government toolkit by clicking here.

For accessible information click here

For PA Covid-19 Vaccination Programme click here

For local information on how to request PPE click here

For an NHS training video around correct use of PPE click here

For Covid-19 vaccination consent form and letter templates for adults who are able to consent click here

Important Covid-19 news (January 2021) – please be reassured that we continue to operate all our services during any period of lockdown in England and Wales. Staff are working from home but continue to provide payroll and managed account support, as well as advice and guidance by e-mail, telephone and/or video call.

  • Government guidance around restrictions can be found at this government website.
  • Government guidance specifically for recipients of direct payments can be found at this government website.
  • PeoplePlus online tool kit to help you plan for care and support when your PA is unable to attend work
  • Click here to read a fact sheet about why you, your family and your personal assistant may have to wait to receive the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Click here to read a fact sheet outlining your personal assistant’s right to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine, should they choose to do so
  • Click here to watch a video guide about the Covid-19 vaccine by David Pearson, CBE (chair of the Social Care Sector Covid-19 Support Task Force)
  • Click here to access a range of easy read guides about Covid-19 from Mencap, covering information about lockdown, getting the vaccine, social distancing and face coverings
  • Information about flu jabs for personal assistants in England can be found here (Skills for Care website). A formal HMRC-Personal Assistant Letter of Entitlement can be found in the boxes below.
  • Information about flu jabs for personal assistants in Wales can be found here (Public Health Wales website)
  • Good employer advice and guidance has been provided by ACAS and can be accessed at this website.


PeoplePlus Independent Living Services (ILS) support 10,000 people across England and Wales with their direct payment and personal health budgets. Our aim is to enable people to live independently in their own homes and communities. It is essential this support continues for those who use agencies, are employers or personal assistants during this difficult time.

We have produced a number of information sheets to give you the most up to date information around how COVID19 might affect you and/or your personal assistants. There are also key worker letters to enable your personal assistant to get to work. These are all available at the link below this box.

There are also key worker letters to enable your personal assistant to get to work and critical information regarding Covid-19 testing for personal assistants. These are all available at the links below. You can also access frequently asked questions related to Covid-19 for direct payment employers and personal assistants at the Skills for Care website here.

Our new, upgraded telephone system is fully operational and our team are ready to take your call. You can also contact us via e-mail. Please click here to find the specific e-mail address for your area.

All contact details for our new direct payment services from April 1st 2020 are below:


E-mail –
Web –

NEWCASTLE (contract commences May 1st 2020)

E-mail –
Web –

Our telephone number for all services is: 0330 123 2815
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For general information about our PeoplePlus Independent Living Services please click here.

For access to training please visit the PeoplePlus skills page here.

For information about our #FeedTheNation contribution please see here.

For self-employment support visit our Enterprise division here.

From February 2021, we will be providing direct payment support services to individuals in Birmingham. For more information about the services we offer, visit:

Our email address is
Our telephone number is 0330 123 2815

It was a pleasure and joy to be involved in such a successful health event which I feel was very effective in enabling service users to gain information and raise awareness of the local services and support available for them. It was very well organised and run – so very well done!

Rafeed Rashid
NHS Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor

Find out more call 0330 123 2815 email

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