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Independent Living Services – Winter and Covid-19 contingency planning for direct payment recipients

Choosing direct payments as your preferred way of organising your own assessed care is an excellent way to receive person-centred support that meets your specific needs and outcomes. It is likely you will already have a plan in place to ensure your needs can continue to be meet if there is a risk of care breaking down, and that you will have covered this in your personalised care and support plan.

We strongly recommend that you review your contingency plans so that you are prepared if any paid or unpaid care arrangements should break down because of Covid-19, bad weather conditions (such as snow) or a flu outbreak.

The Government has developed a template contingency plan that you may wish to use. You can access that by clicking here. Alternatively, you can use the PeoplePlus contingency planning document, available here 


Things to consider in this plan include:

  • If you use a care agency – ask them what their plan is to ensure you get the care and support you require should they be short-staffed. It may mean you have a different care worker than normal. The care agency should inform you in advance if this is the case.
  • If you employ personal assistants (PAs) – think about and discuss possible options if your PA cannot work. Can they work different hours to meet your need? Are other PAs who can provide cover on a temporary basis? Your local PeoplePlus team will be able to help you make sure you are acting legally with any changes that you intend to make.
  • Who else can support you to keep safe, such as family and/or friends, if they are willing and able. What information, advice or training might they need to be able to do this
  • Is there an alternative provision you could use, such as a care agency? If you are unsure of which ones are available locally, you should ask your local PeoplePlus team for some information. It is a good idea to contact the agency ahead of requiring urgent support to see if they offer this service – and how much it will cost.

Our offices are open every day during December and January, excluding weekends and bank holidays. For further information, as well as your local social services duty team contact details, please click the relevant area below. It is helpful to save this information to your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

If you use our payroll services and your timesheets are due on December 21st 2020 please click here. If they are due on December 28th 2020 please click here. All other payroll dates remain the same.

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In Control have produced an online webinar with tips on contingency planning. This was put together by people who use direct payments.

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