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Pouch’s Magical Worry Cheeks

Pouch’s Magical Worry Cheeks has been written by a group of 10 PeoplePlus colleagues. It is a children’s book aimed at 5-8 year olds, to support them with everyday worries. It is a rhyming story which aims to provide a vehicle for children to talk and a platform for the adults in their lives to explore these worries with them.

Building on the foundations of our existing YouCan programme, which enables young people to address difficult topics in a safe space, exploring common themes to provide coping strategies and support, the book was created as part of The Prince’s Trust ‘Million Makers Challenge’. The story was created to help children recognise and vocalise their worries, so they would not feel as anxious or alone.

Set on a typical school day, Pouch the magical school hamster recognises that the children are carrying the weight of their worries in their school bags. As their worries grow so do their school bags. As the children begin to tell Pouch their individual worries, their bags get smaller as his little hamster cheeks begin to grow!!

Through talking, Pouch is able to alleviate these worries, filling up his hamster cheeks and instilling the children with a positive ‘You Can’ mentality.

The book is £7.99 and is available to purchase here

You can download a preview copy here

Anyone wishing to place larger orders can email us at millionmakers@peopleplus.co.uk 

It was a pleasure and joy to be involved in such a successful health event which I feel was very effective in enabling service users to gain information and raise awareness of the local services and support available for them. It was very well organised and run – so very well done!

Rafeed Rashid
NHS Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor

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