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YouCan programmes are the vehicles in which drives forward change supporting individuals to build positive wellbeing and develop coping strategies. YouCan programmes are flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the targeted group.

The programmes support people to build confidence, self-esteem, reduces isolation and encourages the development of peer support. Whilst also providing relevant up to date information and advice.

The programme is adaptable and flexible to meet the needs of the target group. YouCan is also flexible in its delivery, ensuring that it supports all learning styles. We deliver information in ways which are appropriate to visual, kinaesthetic and linguistic learners, whilst encouraging social learning.

The programme covers a number of areas:

  • YouCan Know Your Rights
  • YouCan Be Positive
  • YouCan Overcome Barriers
  • YouCan Do It
  • You can Be You
  • YouCan Bounce Back
  • YouCan Be Healthy
  • YouCan Craft

YouCan aims to give people strategies to manage their emotions, feel less isolated and have peer support.

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Phone: 0300 111 9000

It was a pleasure and joy to be involved in such a successful health event which I feel was very effective in enabling service users to gain information and raise awareness of the local services and support available for them. It was very well organised and run – so very well done!

Rafeed Rashid
NHS Specialist Stop Smoking Advisor

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