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PeoplePlus’ Approach to Covid-19 Coronavirus – Updated 15/01/2021

PeoplePlus recognises what an incredibly difficult time this in dealing with the extraordinary events going on around the world. We have responded to the specific guidance and advice from the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Science Officer and have acted decisively to the advice of the government’s experts, so that we do the right thing at the right time. As such, we have made the decision that all PeoplePlus staff (excluding colleagues in the justice divisions) will be working remotely.

As such, all out physical centres will be closed. All our staff, who are not directly affected by Covid-19 will still be working remotely to enable our services and the support we provide to continue. As we work with people in a number of different guises, below highlights our approach.

If you are a learner – meaning you are on one of our adult education programmes our centres are closed, but  your current ‘in-classroom’ learning  will be delivered online wherever possible. More information on what this delivery looks like can be found below.

If you are on an employability programme – our centres are closed, but your current in-centre activity will be delivered online wherever possible. A member of our team will be in touch with you over the phone to explain how this will happen, so please be prepared to answer the phone from an unrecognised number

If you are a carer – All our physical support groups have been cancelled for the short term, however we are still conducting assessments and offering advice remotely. Please call our support line on 0330 123 1937 for Stoke & Staffordshire or 0300 111 9000 for Gloucestershire.

If you are on a traineeship – All centre-based delivery and Work Placements have ceased with immediate effect. Delivery will be maintained through remote learner practices such as SMART Assessor. We will continue to accept referrals and induction remotely. Learner Wages will continue in-line with guidance arrangements

If you are one of our partners or stakeholders – If your direct partner contact has not been in touch and you feel you need further advice or information please contact you Partner Manager or

Our remote education offer

As all our learning now has to take place remotely, here are the things we are doing to support new and existing learners through their education:

  1. Remote education will be available for adult learners in a variety of courses suitable for upskilling both employed and unemployed individuals as well as helping provide the correct skill set required for potential employers. Some remote education will be delivered with job opportunity outcomes.
  2. Each online delivery model will have its own pre-planned timetable to suit the style of learning and the individuals needs which have been planned to maximise the most out of qualifications within a realistic and achievable time frame. All virtual learning environments are modern and interactive enabling learners to have the most engaging experience possible.
  3. Depending on the type of remote education the students undertake, students will be required to agree to a set of expectations regarding commitment to time frames of a course, attendance, and assessment outcomes.
  4. Learners will be able to apply for technology through multiple bursaries, each application will take into consideration the individual’s situation and needs.
  5. All learners will have information and guidance sessions upon application to identify additional support and requirement. The learners will also have a individualised learning development plan which allows tutors to tailor learning around individual needs.

We would like to encourage everyone to stay updated and follow the Government’s official advice, which can be found here

For all further queries, please contact

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