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CAEHRS Framework

PeoplePlus has been selected as a provider for the Department for Work and Pensions’ (“DWP”) Commercial Agreement for the Provision of Employment and Health Related Services (“CAEHRS”) framework. It will become the default framework for contracting employability and health related programmes and will run for five years. The aim is to support people who are unemployed, disabled, have a health condition or other barriers to work, to find training and employment.

This UK-wide commercial agreement is organised into a national Lot and seven regional Lots split across two tiers. PeoplePlus has been successful in securing a place on the national Lot and has been selected as a Tier 1 provider in all six regions across England and Scotland, and as a Tier 2 provider in Wales.

We are already supporting tens of thousands of people every year into sustainable employment, many of whom face considerable challenges in finding work; and increasingly – post-Covid – customers who are close to the labour market but who need assistance in mapping their skills to new sectors. We are the consistent top performer in supporting government programmes providing back-to-work education and support services for the unemployed.

Unrivalled Employer Expertise

We have a close working relationship with our sister organisation Staffline; the UK’s largest provider of recruitment services for blue collar roles, along with many other regional and national employers. Our network of employers means we are able to not only place individuals into viable jobs, but we can tailor our training and employability offer to reflect the needs of a specific employer. Our Social Recruitment Framewok lies at the heart of our employer engagement strategy

The Social Recruitment Framework (SRF)

The SRF is a is a ground-breaking approach to coordinating and aligning employer requirements to deliver appropriate skills training. The SRF uses new technology and unparalleled employer reach to create a ‘demand-led’ view of the labour market and maps this to funded training provision through a UK-wide network of training provider partners

PeoplePlus is looking to work with a number of partners on the CAEHRS framework opportunities.

Our Approach to Partnerships

We have developed our own standards of excellence to achieve a co-ordinated and unique approach to partnering under our ‘PartnerPlus’ brand. ‘PartnerPlus’ provides a forum for collaboration and sharing of ideas, combining industry expertise to create an alliance of ‘best in class’ providers to drive innovation to improve customer experience.

We have Merlin standard accredited supply chain management systems and processes receiving an overall score of 80% (Good), in our 2020 Merlin Inspection.

How Can You Become a Partner?

We continuously look to develop partnerships with:

  • Employability Partners
  • Skills Providers
  • Employers & Employer Representative bodies
  • Complementary Providers: To deliver complementary services that we can refer participants to for support or will refer customers into our services
  • Strategic / Key Stakeholders: To support us to ensure a wider integration of service delivery
  • Inclusive employers: including digital solutions, advisory agencies, influencers


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