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Dynamic Purchasing System

The Dynamic Purchasing Scheme (DPS) is a way the Jobcentre procure work-focused activities that are targeted at their clients’ needs per district. PeoplePlus have been delivering these short but effective courses in the North West and Central England. These courses are to support customers to overcome their main barriers to work and move closer or into sustainable employment.

How Does it Work

We have over 100 offers on the DPS system, with a variety of courses targeting;

  • Pre ESOL
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Older Workers
  • Youth
  • ESA transitions
  • Lone Parents
  • Digital Upskilling including Universal Credit Full Service and Find a job
  • Mental Health
  • Woman Returners
  • Long Term Unemployed

Courses are normally delivered in a Community Centre based near the local JCP and can last from one to six weeks. They are tailored made to each group, but broadly cover:

  • helping individuals to break down barriers that might be stopping them from working;
  • give individuals support which recognises their skills, attributes and assets help them progress towards employment;
  • confidence building
  • communication and teamwork skills out of a classroom environment
  • health and well-being
  • hands-on support including 1-1 and group work


Peter.Rosenbloom@peopleplus.co.uk for more information

This has been a success and I have employed quality people in all areas to complement our growing team. It has been a big support for myself and we have a great working relationship with PeoplePlus.

Alex Lacey
Manager, Bella Italia

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