Fair Start Scotland


Bill joined Fair Start Scotland having heard about it at the local church job club. Bill, who is over 60 was struggling to find paid employment that suited his circumstances having been made redundant from his long term previous job. Bill’s key worker worked with him to find suitable positions, as well as supporting Bill through a Food Hygiene and Personal Licence course, in order to achieve his ambitions to work in retail or catering. Bill’s key worker then supported him to apply for a temporary part-time job at Tesco, which he was successful in achieving. The role has now become permanent and Bill gets 10% off his shopping at Tesco! Bill says “I really appreciate all the help I received, I don’t think I would have secured employment without the help”.



Caroline joined Fair Start Scotland in January 2019, having been unemployed for 20 months. Having initially heard about Fair Start Scotland at a jobs fair, Caroline first attended a confidence building workshop as part of the Fair Start Scotland programme before attending a meeting with PeoplePlus’ Employer Engagement Manager.  Following on from this Caroline did some e-learning, and a work placement was arranged for her in her chosen field of work; at a care home. Caroline has since been offered a job and is now employed by the care home.  Caroline says; “The manager is delighted with my work and said she is looking forward to working by my side in the future. It’s starting to sink in now, I am really starting my dream job and I cannot thank everyone at PeoplePlus enough for their continued support.”



Sherifay came to Fair Start Scotland in April 2018. She had several barriers to work, English was not her first language and she was only able to work school hours due to being a single parent to 3 young children and having limited childcare options. Sherifay was applying for numerous roles but was still struggling to find work, she had attended a few interviews but was unsuccessful due to the language barrier.

After registering with Fair Start Scotland, Sherifay worked closely with her PeoplePlus keyworker, Cairne, to identify potential opportunities in the local area. Cairne made contact with 22 employers who met Sherifay’s job goals. Through this contact, she was made aware of a kitchen assistant vacancy at Pinocchio’s Nursery. Knowing that Sherifay struggled in interviews, Cairne arranged a short work trial with the employer to best showcase her skills.

Sherifay was successful and is now loving her new job. Sherifay’s new employer, Gail at Pinocchio’s Nursery, said “We have had fantastic communications from the start. We can’t thank PeoplePlus enough for sending Sherifay in our direction – she is a complete breath of fresh air! “

This has been a success and I have employed quality people in all areas to complement our growing team. It has been a big support for myself and we have a great working relationship with PeoplePlus.

Alex Lacey
Manager, Bella Italia

Email infofairstart@peopleplus.co.uk for more information

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