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Solutions for Employers

We currently work with employers all over the UK, offering them flexible and reliable solutions to attract, develop and retain their workforce.

Employers often find it challenging to navigate the availability of funded training and recruitment support. This is due to the diverse range of training providers who have different capabilities such as subject areas, geographical areas, funding timescales and eligibility requirements. These complexities make it challenging to find a simple way to match employers, training providers and job seekers at a local, regional and national level.

PeoplePlus believes that creating equitable, sustainable employment calls for more than just tailored skills training and support. It requires an approach which understands the needs of job seekers and combines this with developing their skills and aptitudes aligned to actual job roles and opportunities.

Here’s how we can help employers:

KickStart – The Government’s KickStart scheme enables employers to take on young people for 6 month job placements. There is no cost to the employer, and a grant of £1500 per person is available. PeoplePlus is helping employers with their applications and advising on how the grant can be spent on viable, beneficial training. Find out more here

Social Recruitment Framework – We work with employers across the UK to train people for specific vacancies, this ensures that individuals are receiving the right training for the right job. More information on how employers can join this unique framework can be found here

Access to Funding – PeoplePlus has access to funding that many employers can use to up-skill their existing workforce. We can offer core employability training, English and maths functional skills, plus bespoke employer led training for employees. More information can be found here

Recruitment – We have the unique ability to train people for specific roles. We are able to source candidates on a large scale and train them specifically to each employers requirement. Typical training consists of a two week employability, customer services or warehousing qualification combined with some employer led content and core compliance qualifications. More information can be found here

LearningPlus – Is our online learning platform, which contains more the 350 courses – all of which can be delivered remotely. Many employers access this platform for key compliance and governance training, such as Health & Safety or GDPR. The courses can be purchased in affordable bundles, and we can also offer a Learner Management System. More information can be found here

Support for Redundancy – If you are having to make people from your workforce redundant, we can offer them specific support and training to help develop their skills and get back into work. More information can be found here

Wellbeing – We offer training in key areas of wellbeing – these include: Mental Health First Response, change and resilience, stress in the workplace and lifestyle improvement. More information can be found here

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