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Welcome to High Achieve, our innovative and engaging online solution that delivers outstanding results for Functional Skills: English and maths for your learners. Created by dedicated, passionate subject specialists and qualified teachers, our platform delivers flexible and effective learning experiences, tailored to every learner’s unique learning needs.

With over 15 years of experience, our team of industry experts have designed, developed and launched a new innovative product to meet the needs of Functional Skills learners from Entry Level 3 to Level 2.  By working directly with apprentices and learners, we have refined our provision to better meet their needs.

With an easy-to-access industry standard course of learning, High Achieve provides deep, concise and relevant course materials for Functional Skills English and maths, giving learners the best chance of achieving their qualification first time.

High Achieve is aimed at organisations within the sector and Employers wishing to upskill their workforce. Unfortunately, we do not aim to sell High Achieve to individual learners. If you are a learner looking for support with English and maths please click here.

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So if you have learners or staff who are working towards a Functional Skills qualification, or generally just want to improve their English and maths, then look no further, as the solution starts here!

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