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Feed the Nation

PeoplePlus and Staffline have launched a new nationwide worker transition service as part of the campaign to Feed the Nation during the Covid-19 crisis.

We are working together to move people who have been made redundant, are ‘at risk’ or in the gig economy into the ‘essential services’ industries.

Many industries like travel and retail have been savagely hit by Covid-19. At the same time many industries associated with food production, food supply, supermarkets and delivery services are crying out for thousands of additional workers. It’s these food and produce sectors which the government has now categorised as ‘essential services’ – because without them we will see more of the alarming pictures we’ve all become used to on our TV screens and social feeds, of empty supermarket shelves and massive queues for food and basic supplies.

Working with our sister company, Staffline Recruitment and our combined partner community – many of the UK’s leading supermarket retailers and food supply-chain operators – we have created a nationwide ‘transition service’ for workers who have been made redundant or ‘at risk’ or are on zero hours contracts or in the gig economy to enable as many of them as possible to transition into jobs in these new ‘essential’ services on a direct-to-interview or training-to-interview basis at our new website: www.feedthenation.co.uk

For those who need further training to move into a different industry there are options of a two-day ‘transition course’ or longer course of a week to two weeks, if they have been out of work for longer.

Now more than ever, we need to support workers into different sectors and equip them with the skills necessary to support their country. Our training also involves personal wellbeing and financial coaching, helping people at the most vulnerable points in their lives so that we support their mental wellbeing and help them into new jobs as quickly as possible.

If you are an employer, or an individual who wants to know more, please visit www.feedthenation.co.uk

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