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Functional Skills Solution: High Achieve

Our innovative online Functional Skills solution for English and maths is here!

Our unique and engaging solution delivers outstanding results for Functional Skills: English and maths for your learners or colleagues.

Our Functional Skills solution (High Achieve) is truly unique, because it offers intelligent and personalised learning tailored to each user’s individual needs. This means that each user only studies the learning that they need. High Achieve is an online solution packed with engaging and interactive content, so the user can study when it suits them and work at their own pace. Our Functional Skills course also offers quizzes, tips and revision guides to enable users to prepare for their final exams.

High Achieve is aimed at organisations within the education and training sector and employers learning and development teams that wish to upskill their workforce. Unfortunately, we do not aim to sell High Achieve to individual learners. If you are a learner looking for support with English and maths please click here.

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So if you have learners or staff who are working towards a Functional Skills level, or generally just want to improve their English and maths, then look no further, as the solution starts here!

Here’s how High Achieve works

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