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Functional Skills Entry Level 3

Functional Skills Entry Level 3

Functional Skills are practical, real-life English and maths skills that your employees or learners will apply in their working and personal lives. At PeoplePlus we have created an innovative digital learning solution, called High Achieve, to support your learners who are striving to accomplish their English and maths goals.

High Achieve meets the needs of all learners who’s skill sets range from Entry Level 3 English and maths all the way through to Level 2. Our Functional Skills English and maths entry level 3 course is ideal for learners wishing to develop practical and transferable skills in English and/or maths to allow them to work confidently, effectively and independently. The course is suitable for a range of individuals and is the foundation for progressing further through the High Achieve Functional Skills learning content.

Entry level 3

Entry level 3 English and maths gives learners the fundamental understanding of the topics that they would use in everyday life and can be used as a refresher if they struggle in either English or maths. This stepping stone can then lead your learner to progressing through our Functional Skills Level 1 and Level 2 in English and maths.

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