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Why Choose High Achieve?

Why should you choose High Achieve – Functional Skills English and maths?

Our high quality, engaging and effective learning resources and programmes are designed by Functional Skills specialists and qualified teachers and we know what works. Our approach is unique, as we teach English and maths in a functional way from beginning to end, so when your learners sit their Functional Skills exam, they will be fully prepared.

We also know how adults like to learn too, with all our content built on sound teaching and learning methods. Our content is written to be clearly understood by learners at each level and uses modern instructional techniques to maintain engagement and build confidence as your learners progress to Level 2.

We recognise that every learner is different, therefore taking the time to fully understand their needs. We start with dynamic assessments to identify each learner’s current English and maths level, which automatically creates a unique programme of learning for every individual.

Our internal focus groups and research tells us that good reporting is essential to every business, in order to monitor progress and success. Our bespoke Learning Management System tracks scores and results in real time. This means that you will always know what your learners are doing and how they are progressing.

Why is High Achieve different?

Many of the leading learning platforms are created as supplementary material, add-ons or homework platforms designed to support a classroom teaching experience. This means that, often, key information, strategies and ideas are left out!

High Achieve is different, because our cleverly designed platform guides learners through their learning journey from start to finish, without any interruptions, gaps or assumptions.

High Achieve is flexible in many ways and can grow, move or change focus. It will continually improve to better match the needs of learners and the changing priorities of exam boards. For you, this means that High Achieve can stay relevant, accurate and effective throughout its lifecycle, providing excellent value for money.

Many learning platforms create a ‘one size fits all’ model when generating learning content, resulting in poor learner experience. This can lead to learners having to trudge through content that they already know or are already confident in, which delays their completion time. Alternatively, less confident learners are presented with more advanced content, slowing down their approach and not being that effective.

High Achieve however, generates a more enhanced and effective learning experience. It does this by breaking down each element of the maths and English programme at each level, and then presenting learners with the relevant learning content. This allows the learner to progress at a speed and level that they feel comfortable with.

Compared to many other learning platforms on the market, High Achieve has set the bar very high, already making us stand out as the provider of choice for many. It offers flexibility and new solutions, all at a very competitive price.

With new, fresh and exciting content continually being updated by our team of specialists, High Achieve gives your learners the best chance of passing their exams first time.

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To find out more about our Functional Skills solution or to book your free trial, please complete the form below or email highachieve@peopleplus.co.uk

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