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PeoplePlus Prison Education Innovations

Our aim is to transform people’s lives through learning, skills and employment. To do this we have created a number of innovative services to support prisoners in custody. These include:

Broadcast Services


WayoutTV is an in cell television communication channel that produces and curates the best educational content to complement and extend the education and training opportunities available to prisoners. Perhaps more importantly, it allows Governors and others to directly communicate with their population through notices, adverts, interviews and a news feed.

The ill read poster on a noticeboard is a thing of the past if WayoutTV is used effectively. Visit the WayoutTV site here>


Way2Learn is a ground-breaking way of accessing education within a prison. It allows those who do not feel comfortable in a traditional learning environment who want something constructive to do in their own time or those whose access to education is limited by their location; to embark on formal learning at their own pace from within their cell.

See what we can do:

Offline Digital Learning


Way2Learn+ is our evolving and expanding platform for innovative and rich classroom-based teaching and learning resources. The platform includes video, powerpoint and blended learning materials that cover all the important curriculum areas, for example, English, maths, enterprise, vocational training


Way2Books is a library of thousands of academic e-books. These relatively short and easily read reference materials are a perfect accompaniment to formal learning. They allow the research and personal development, often so difficult in a prison, to occur with ease.

Way2Learn VLE

Our virtual learning platform enables us to bring 21st century interactive learning into the prison classroom. For too long residents of HMP establishments have been disadvantaged by the lack of online learning tools and have lacked the web resources FE and University students have access to. Our VLE aims to bring ‘the internet’ in to the classroom whilst remaining offline and secure. It offers a blended and empowered approach to learning and seeks to bridge the gap between autonomous in-cell working and classroom activities.

The PeoplePlus prison education team continue to drive a programme of innovation and ground breaking development, with a primary focus on supporting our prison learners to achieve their best potential through exceptional teaching and training.

Emma Yorke
Divisional Managing Director - Education
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