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Using our ‘Learning Plus’ platform we can deliver time and cost-efficient programmes to both individual and volume audiences. Most courses can be done in a couple of hours and are fully accredited. Our portfolio covers 450 e-learning courses across a wide range of topics from development, compliance and IT skills.

About Learning Plus

The Learning Plus platform is a market-leading training solution designed to deliver time and cost-efficient training programmes.

It is used in industries as wide-ranging and diverse as food production, manufacturing, recruitment, hospitality, and care. It helps organisations meet regulatory requirements for the delivery, certification and management of training.

Courses are fully endorsed and approved by leading UK awarding bodies including CIEH, RoSPA and AIM, giving your workforce the right knowledge and skills to ensure that non-compliance is a non-issue.

Learning Plus is successfully used by many organisations to reduce costs, increase profit and consistently achieve complete compliance in evaluations.

Our Learning Management System

The Learning Plus learning management system enables businesses to manage all training records, site procedures, E-learning and external training records in one place.

  • Courses can be delivered via our offline keypad system or online via e-learning.
  • Our course creation system enables businesses to build bespoke content and publish in either e-learning or keypad format. It also enables customer and staff surveys.
  • Instant certification including bespoke certificates for all in-house courses
  • Assess employees on literacy and numeracy and benchmark standards against job roles.
  • Create training plans for each job role in
  • Record and monitor site procedures, external training and all training records

Visit our Learning Plus website to view our list of courses

For more information contact talent@peopleplus.co.uk

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