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Leadership Camp

This programme is designed as a voyage of self-discovery for individuals to understand themselves under pressure and how to react positively using the environment and others to enhance collaboration, innovation and performance.

Centre Parcs – to create and leverage a ‘different’ environment to the norm.


Day 1
Arrival at 4:30pm and check into chalets plus a team dinner

Day 2
Interactive Team Building exercise
Group Work
Group Presentations
Guest Speaker – relevant to the challenge faced by the organisation
Group work – working with a real challenge faced by the organisation

Day 3
Group Work
Group Presentations
Wrap up

There will be a pre-course questionnaire and pre-course reading

Other Information

Accommodation: Shared accommodation (own rooms but in shared chalets) to increase collaboration and build trust amongst teams.

Wellbeing: Through the programme, there will be a continuous reference to and knowledge transfer around wellbeing – both personal and organisational.


PeoplePlus will focus heavily on the post-course impact in the workplace. We recommend using ‘Kirkpatrick level 1 to 4’ will work in true partnership with our clients in order to prove an ongoing return on investment.

For more information contact talent@peopleplus.co.uk

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