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Leadership with Horses

We work in partnership with Leaders by Nature to bring the unique experience of working with horses to develop embodied leadership skills that stick long after the training has ended.

The content for each of these courses can be adapted or tailored to suit each business environment; specifically targeting the key areas and needs that each business needs to address.

Participants describe these workshops as mind-blowing and life-changing. They provide a memorable experience that generates fast business results due to changes in behaviour that are sustainable years later.

Why horses?

Many forms of development are cognitive-based and do not always result in behavioural change. Behavioural change only occurs when you integrate the head, heart and gut. It enables a fully integrated leadership approach that is aligned intellectually, emotionally and instinctively.

Working with horses enables leaders to identify and implement changes in behaviour that make a difference to your business results.

In these workshops, the horses:

  • Respond based on your non-verbal leadership behaviour
  • Come with you when you provide clarity of direction, a relationship based on trust and respect and the freedom to assert their opinion
  • Refuse to move if any of these are missing or you try to fake it
  • Show the impact of your leadership and teamwork out of your comfort zone
  • Highlight your default (often unconscious) patterns of behaviour and communication, individually and as a collective team

Research from the University of Kentucky showed that people who had attended a one-day workshop with horses showed an increase in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.

Our Programmes

Presence & Impact – one day workshop for individuals to develop personal leadership presence

Team Development – one day workshop for a team to align

Team Alignment – six month team programme, designed to meet specific business objectives

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