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At PeoplePlus we firmly believe that to achieve quality targeted sales training there is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ answer. Whilst generic sales and marketing courses are useful to cover fundamental skills, for really tangible results we need to dig deeper to establish why a team needs sales training.

Therefore our key aim is to understand exactly what each business is trying to achieve with their sales training courses. By understanding this we can provide a robust, targeted and ultimately effective solution addressing the issues identified as being essential for business growth.

All of our sales courses are highly practical in nature and help the delegate to learn by doing and experiencing the challenges ahead, this can be through role-play, accelerated learning techniques, coaching and feedback. We can also add personal coaching into the learning mix. All our courses attract CPD points.

Our Courses

The content for each of our courses can be adapted or tailored to suit each business environment; specifically targeting the key areas and needs that each business needs to address.

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