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Health & Wellbeing

Meet James, one of our Wellbeing Advisors at PeoplePlus.

James is a Chartered Physiotherapist who has run his own Musculoskeletal and Occupational Health practice for over 14 years. He has a MSc in Workplace Health & Wellbeing – University of Nottingham (distinction) and a MSc in Rehabilitation Science – Glasgow Caledonian University.

James is a driver of change for wellbeing culture within companies and individuals. He supports strategic development, review, and implementation of organisational and personal wellbeing initiatives. Optimising all points of the wellbeing journey from initiation, development to sustained action.

James is particularly skilled in the areas of:

  • Wellbeing overview
  • Sleep
  • Activity
  • Diet
  • Finding work/life/self-balance
  • Developing purpose in life
  • Developing connection in life
  • Poor lifestyle habits – alcohol
  • Prioritising ‘time for me’
  • Time management and wellbeing
  • Examples employee and organisational wellbeing workshops:
  • Wellbeing – what it is, why it is important and how is yours?
  • How to get better quality sleep.
  • Strategic Wellbeing for Organisations
  • Strategies for managing stress & anxiety in the workplace
  • Why and how you should rest – everyday
  • Building activity within your day to day life
  • Finding balance in your diet
  • Managing & minimising stress & anxiety in your workforce
  • How to see, managing and avoid stress & anxiety in your day to day life
  • Making time for you – self care 101

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