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Health & Wellbeing

Meet Naomi, one of our Wellbeing Advisors at PeoplePlus.

Naomi was a keen footballer from a young age, and she was fortunate to play up to National League level.

She has a degree in Bsc in Fitness, Exercise and Personal training. She is also a personal trainer who likes helping individuals improve their wellbeing. Her clients include professional athletes, world clipper racers and GB age group selection windsurfers.

Naomi is also a tutor and assessor in fitness and has helped to develop one of the biggest fitness providers in the UK.

As well as this, she is a Health & Wellbeing Officer for a Premier League football club, a Fitness Coordinator for a Championship football club, a conditioning coach for football and rugby teams at participation and performance level. She also has experience with health interventions for Military Veterans creating behaviour change for long term improvements in health.

Naomi promotes successful behaviour change initiatives for men, women and girls for long term sustainable changes to their wellbeing. She likes to help improve her client’s wellbeing by addressing key elements such as sleep, nutrition, physical activity, mindset, behaviour change and goal setting.

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