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Meet the Employer Engagement Team

Our dedicated employer team is here to support you and your business be the best it can be.

We’ll help you be more productive, profitable and positive – and help you to recruit in a socially responsible way.

We build relationships at local, regional and national levels, with employers of all shapes and sizes.

We’re dedicated. If you let us, we’ll get under the skin of your business and find out what makes you tick to come up with the best solutions to help grow your business. 

National Employer Relationship Management Team

Liz Squire - Head of Employer Management 

[email protected]

Nicholas Moss - National Employer Performance Manager

[email protected]

Ellen Sculthorpe - National Employer Manager

[email protected]

Danielle Bennett - National Employer Manager

[email protected] 

Nick Ward - National Employer Manager

[email protected]

Social Value Solutions Manager and SRAG Secretary

Dr. Craig Corrigan

[email protected]

By location 

Paige Crossley, Kimberley HoldenEmployer Relationship Managers, North East. 

Darren Mellford, Nick Dearberg, Tim Cole, Chris Gardener, Candice Skinner, Jordan Annakie - Employer Relationship Managers, Kent. 

Lesley Quinn, Lee Hamilton and Nicola McDonald - Employer Relationship Managers, Glasgow, Scotland.

Hannah Jenkins - Senior Employer Relations Manager, Wales.

Sascha Gill, Zoe Upton - Employer Relationship Managers, Wales. 

Image for Liz Squire

Liz Squire

Head of Employer Management
Image for Nick Moss

Nick Moss

National Employer Performance Manager
Image for Dr Craig Corrigan

Dr Craig Corrigan

Social Value Solutions Manager and Social Recruitment Advocacy Group Secretariat

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Skills Bootcamps

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Social Recruitment Framework

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The YouCan Workplace Wellbeing Collection

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Latest News

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Employer Support

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We work with 150 partner organisations across Britain