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Meet the Wellbeing Experts

delivering with care.

Employee gets YouCan Wellbeing Collection course help from wellbeing experts
Employee gets YouCan Wellbeing Collection course help from wellbeing experts
Employee gets YouCan Wellbeing Collection course help from wellbeing experts

Our YouCan Wellbeing team contribute a wealth of insight and people skill.

Combining lived experience with knowledge and the PeoplePlus passion for making a difference, YouCan coaches tailor their approach according to the needs of participants on every course and progamme they deliver. 

Whether working with team members, supervisors, managers, leaders or broader stakeholder groups, coaches adapt and respond with sensitivity and nuance to requirements.

Creating a welcoming learning and support environment for everyone attending a YouCan course, programme or workshop is their first priority. Once the connection is made, real value can be created.  

Image for Barbara Chapman

Barbara Chapman

Wellbeing Coach
Image for Olivia Duffy

Olivia Duffy

Wellbeing Coach

The support we offer can be genuinely lifechanging.  Every piece of positive feedback we receive from participants is hugely rewarding. 

The YouCan Wellbeing Collection approach is flexible, helping everyone to participate, whatever their circumstances. We can reach people unable to leave their homes, whether due to anxiety, mental health battles or mobility problems. It is moving to hear that strategies we teach have enabled people suffering isolation to experience the world, get out - sometimes daily - and enjoy life, maybe like they used to. 

The people in our groups can be dealing with things they don't want to speak about in a work context, like bereavement - such a universal experience. We are not Grief Counsellors, but we do understand that grief isn't always recognisable as it impacts everyone differently. The YouCan approach focuses on topics like resilience, confidence building, anxiety and ways to rest and recharge (to mention but a few). Indirectly we help build understanding of the impact of the grieving process and maintain connection and engagement. 

The sessions we deliver are helping people stay employed, a fact that gives us so much energy and drive. Work supports wellbeing, and we love our jobs!   

Essentially what we do is empower others to develop strategies that work for them. Early intervention makes a difference. It is possible to feel included, heard and appreciated - and live a healthier, happier life as a result. 

—Barbara and Olivia
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