A New Year resolution or a goal?

A new year and a new decade, I’m sure many of us have New Year resolutions that we’re finally going to get around to this year? Sound familiar? If so, consider setting goals instead. It’s thought that as few as 8% of us achieve our New Year resolutions. A more robust approach would be to set ourselves specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound goals.

The festive period enabled most of us to have some time away from work (apologies if this wasn’t you) which is a great chance for reflection and to contemplate where we are heading. The most powerful thing we can do after this is to set some goals to get ourselves there. Turn a dream into an achievement.

Looking at how setting goals can impact our health and wellbeing, the obvious responses may be to improve our physical health, but we can set goals to better our wellbeing through various acts and they don’t necessarily have to be large actions. Smaller goals such as reading more (learning), making time to contact a family member/friend (connecting) and regular acts of kindness are all examples of smaller goals, with massive reward, by bettering our own wellbeing.

We go through life often wanting to improve our situation or to better ourselves. No matter what your goal is for the new year, new decade or the time ahead there may be moments of struggle, but this is often part of the cycle of success and reaching our goals.


  • Smaller goals do not mean smaller reward – Remember that the goals you set do not have to be massive life-changing moments. Think of smaller goals that you can achieve and still present you with a sense of reward and accomplishment.
  • Set yourself reasonable goals with reasonable expectations – if you are setting out for a larger goal then plan for this and set yourself reasonable targets and milestones throughout your journey.
  • Keep a diary/record of your goals and milestones – a record and/or visual representation of your progress helps you keep track and monitor progress.

By Ruhel Ahmed

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