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Ailsa Care Services talk about their experience with PeoplePlus

Yvonne Docherty a Recruitment Consultant from Ailsa Care Services in Scotland talks about her experience with working with the PeoplePlus Scotland team.

I first contacted PeoplePlus at the beginning of November 2020.  Before my conversation with Lesley Quinn , an Employer Relationship Manager at PeoplePlus,  I was unsure of how PeoplePlus could help me to advertise and recruit for care at home staff for Ailsa Care Services.

To begin the process they asked me to email over some information with regards to the current employment vacancies and the desired skills, experience and qualifications of potential candidates. Lesley then informed me that Annette Huckstep, who is the other Employer Relationship Manager at PeoplePlus would be dealing with sourcing people for these on my behalf. The opportunities had already been sent out to their team of Key Workers, who would then advise Annette on any potential candidates they were working with.  We agreed that Annette would then pre-screen candidates to determine their suitability for the roles.

Very quickly, Annette and I had our first telephone conversation to discuss the process in more detail. Annette already had a few candidates in mind and so emailed their CV’s to me after giving me a brief but thoughtful insight into their applications and why they were keen to apply. I have always believed that Annette has a passion for the work that she does in PeoplePlus. She is friendly, approachable and clearly cares about the clients whom she (and her team) are supporting. Annette’s voice sounds elated when a candidate has been successful and is keen to contact those who have not been successful to offer support and encourage them to look at what the next step might be. I enjoy discussing the interviews with Annette as even with those who have perhaps not been offered a position with us, have all shown many positive qualities, experience and attributes and so Annette and I discuss other possible opportunities which they may be interested in.

Annette and I catch up once or twice weekly by phone to discuss either potential candidates or to discuss the outcomes of interviews held. We also discuss new ideas, opportunities and any changes required, to employment adverts and more. The support that she and her team (particularly William and Debbie) have provided me with over these past few weeks has been much more than I could have imagined and very much appreciated!

In addition to all the support mentioned above, Annette and her team are always happy to go above and beyond in order to ensure that applicants receive all the support and assistance required to give them the chance of the best possible outcome at interview.  I always ask permission of the applicants to keep Annette informed of any outcome at interview and progress with references/PVG applications etc. Every candidate who has come through via PeoplePlus, has been more than happy for Annette to be kept up-to-date and then in turn, for Annette to pass information on to their key worker.

The help and support provided by the team at PeoplePlus is mentioned often by candidates, who only ever have positive comments to make. The support has been invaluable to the whole recruitment process for several reasons.

Annette and her team have been extremely helpful many things including:

  • Assisting candidates to complete online forms (PVG, right to work etc)
  • Working with candidates to identify people who would be able to provide references and providing me with the contact details
  • Providing mock interviews and interview techniques to candidates
  • Assisting candidates by ensuring that they know where the interview is being held, and how best to get there
  • Supporting applicants by reimbursing payments for PVG applications when possible
  • Providing me with contact information to broaden the network of contacts for Ailsa Care Service
  • Sharing recruitment information via email to reach more people and develop sustainability


I look forward to the day when I can visit the team in person to say thank you!

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