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PeoplePlus Offers Ipswich the Chance to Find out more about Apprenticeships

The PeoplePlus team in Ipswich has been working alongside Apprenticeships Suffolk and West Suffolk College to enhance people’s knowledge and dispel myths around apprenticeships. We have offered a two week programme to people wanting to find out more. Throughout the programme learners have undertaken a one to one with the apprenticeship providers, been shown the opportunities in the local area and have been offered support with applications and interviews for their chosen apprenticeship.

The learners are of all ages and come from varying backgrounds. Many of them were under the impression that apprenticeships were for school leavers or young people only, however  having attended the course they now know that apprenticeships are for anyone! And they can be paid the same amount and learn at the same time.

Here’s what some of the learners who joined us have to say:


“I have chosen to look into an apprenticeship as I want to create a career for myself in an industry that I have no experience in. My dream is to become a Young People Accommodation Officer and I cannot wait to continue my studies with PeoplePlus”.


“I am really enjoying being back in the flow of education again. This course is helping me to start afresh and gain vital skills. My dream is to become an interior designer and run my own business. I feel that apprenticeships are the best way to start for me so that I can gain valuable experience”.


“I am really enjoying being in a classroom and working alongside my classmates. I have always assumed apprenticeships are for youngsters leaving school, but now I know that I can do this, it will give me the perfect chance to go into my perfect job. I will be applying for the welding apprenticeship”.


“I joined PeoplePlus because I want to keep upskilling myself and gaining qualifications that will help me to develop and improve. I have come in with an open mind and wanted to initially look at voluntary work, but now I will be considering an apprenticeship”.


“I have loved being a part of this course as it has really helped improve my weaknesses. My main focus to develop was my confidence as I was never very confident in talking to people I have not met before, but now I feel I can do this. My focus is to find work in security but I didn’t realise apprenticeships are such a good option to consider”

We will be monitoring applications and the success of learners on this programme and have another planned for January.

For more information about the ‘Get into an Apprenticeship’ routeway, email us for more information.

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