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Wellbeing – Building A Support Network

It is human nature to want to feel appreciated; we thrive when we feel valued for who we are and not just what we do. If this is lacking or if we do not receive the recognition that we feel we deserve, our tendency can be to adapt our behaviours to seek praise or to question our value and whether the very value we place on ourselves is correct.

Before we put the blame on ourselves or our behaviours, it is worth considering whether we are looking in the right place. Do you have a strong support network at work? What does one look like?

It could be made up of people with common values and a shared sense of purpose. It could be people who are willing to both give and receive constructive feedback with kindness, honesty and humility. It could be colleagues who value your input as much as you value theirs. However, simply finding these people is not the end of the process; now you need to put in the effort to build those relationships.

The support network in your personal life is essential, but it’s just as important at work, given the amount of time that we spend there.

How can we build a supportive network at work?

  1. Invest in your colleagues – Listen, support and constructively advise
  2. Be authentic – This builds trusts and strength of connection
  3. Embrace diversity, advocate equality – Take an interest in each other’s lives or learn something new! Consider setting up or taking part in a coffee roulette or just making sure that you spend time each day talking to a colleague about something other than work.

For more information on how we can help your company to build a supportive working environment, feel free to complete the form below or email us at wellbeing@peoplesplus.co.uk

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