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Carmen’s Good News Story – Fair Start Scotland

Carmen is a Romanian national who has lived in the UK for several years. Carmen has worked in a variety of short-term roles doing factory work.

After a period of unemployment, she was referred to PeoplePlus to join the Fair Start Scotland programme. When she joined initially, she was stuck in the mindset of feeling that she would need to continue with short-term contracts to make money.

The Fair Start Scotland team encouraged Carmen to think longer term. They recognised the skills Carmen had and knew she could use them to start her journey on a long term career path.  Initially she found this hard to do and was keen to simply get into work, working for a variety of employers and earn some money. She was keen to work within the care industry.

She started work in a factory and then, when that contract ended, she did some work in a nursing home. Unfortunately, after realising she wasn’t going to be able to do the amount of hours she wanted to, this ended as well.

The Fair Start Scotland team talked to Carmen again about her skills and her long-term future. Carmen started working in another factory and whilst she was there, we encouraged her to keep her eyes peeled for any other opportunities that came up. When a vacancy came up, we knew she could do it and we encouraged her to apply, which she did.

As the company already knew she had a strong work ethic, from the work she had already been doing on the factory floor, they were happy to give her the chance with the new role where she would be working with suppliers. After a very short time, she impressed her employer and they were happy to offer her a permanent, non-agency job, as a stock controller.

Carmen said:

“The job that I’m doing, we place orders and create inbound deliveries for our upcoming orders, so we can book them in on our system. I usually deal with emails and very rarely phone calls.  It’s an ingredients factory and I place orders for packaging and raw materials as well transfers for materials between companies. Doing so I usually prevent being short of a material we need in production that day.  If something doesn’t show up and we need it then I report it to the supply planner so they can amend their plan for future orders that we have from customers.”

The Fair Start Scotland programme is able to support people for 12 months before they gain employment as well as 12 months afterwards. During all of the time Carmen was on our programme she was supported in many ways.

As well as receiving lots of advice, encouragement, and a listening ear from her personal Key Worker, she was also offered practical help. PeoplePlus was able to offer financial support by paying for ZoneCards to help with travel whilst she was waiting to get paid. We also paid £59 so Carmen could gain her PVG, allowing her to work in a care home.

Carmen is really pleased with the level of support she received from PeoplePlus. She said she “would recommend PeoplePlus to everyone!” She even referred her boyfriend to us!


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