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Climbing the ladder after taking one of our courses

Sarah had been unemployed for 6 years before starting a course with PeoplePlus, after moving to Stoke she had been in receipt of benefits and was focusing on her health issues while also raising 3 small children. During this period, Sarah’s confidence had suffered greatly, she had started to apply for positions for return to work but unfortunately she had not been successful with her applications, again this had an impact on Sarah’s confidence. She felt she was struggling due to the length of time she had been out of work!

Sarah applied to do a training course (Aim Awards) with PeoplePlus as she felt this could help her to get some up to date skills.  Sarah was nervous when starting, she felt she struggled with her spelling and this may impact on her learning, Sarah received support from the Career Coach putting her at ease, enabling her to enroll and complete the course.

Sarah really enjoyed the positivity from the staff and support she got, Sarah completed the course, and was put forward for an interview with Pets at Home. Sarah attended an interview for a Warehouse Cleaning Operative, but when she got to her interview to her biggest surprise, the interviewer was looking to also recruit a supervisor. Sarah was interviewed and was told she was going to be given a feedback in 3 days, but she was called on the same day and offered a position for supervisor.

Since starting work, her confidence has been really boosted and she is now in charge of a team of night workers working 6 days a week. She also manages some of the learners she attended the course with. She is also responsible for doing the companies cleaning inspection. This opportunity has really changed her life. Sarah says that the future is bright for her and her family. She has been doing so well and her employer has recognised that and they have now offered her an opportunity to start the Manager’s training scheme in Mid -July.

Sarah feels excellent, very proud of herself and sees herself becoming a manager soon or possibly starting her own cleaning company in next 5 years.

Quote from Regional Manager

Sarah really is a fantastic success story; her confidence was low when she started, and she doubted herself not only going into work but also being able to complete the course!  Sarah participated and completed the course; she then went on to really sell herself at the interview – she has done amazing and keeps going from strength to strength!










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