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Dale Secures Job at Premier Engineering

Just under 5 weeks ago, tutor Nicole Gill met Dale Jackson, an ex-offender who has been in and out of prison since he was 13 years old. Dale joined the Moving Forward with Employment Restrictions Programme. Over the weeks Nicole got to know him well, they discussed his experiences and the barriers he faced whilst trying to better himself.

Dale had no photo id, no bank account and very few documents. He had been trying to sort this out since he was released in January but had very limited support and couldn’t seem to get the right help.

Nicole worked with Dale to put together an action plan to get all his documents sorted and they also discussed topics such as self-worth, wellbeing and having a positive mindset.

Dale had a full attendance record, he turned up on time, ready to learn and was keen to get involved in the activities during the course (despite telling Nicole on the first day that he hates speaking in groups and prefers to just listen and not speak!).

Throughout the weeks, Nicole supported Dale to arrange various appointments and helped make contact with the prison for his course records and certificates. Nicole also took time to accompany Dale to a JCP appointment to get the funding for his ID and CSCS card.

Nicole then worked with Dale to boost his CV, his confidence and career prospects.

Nicole found Dale a welder position for Premier Engineering near where he lives, his eyes lit up and it was amazing to see how keen he was to find work.

Soon after Nicole received a call from Dale to say he couldn’t attend the lesson today because he was starting work!

Dale took his own initiative and called the office to see the manager and introduce himself. The session Nicole did on pro-active attitude when job searching had clearly sunken in!

He was offered the job and they asked him to start the next morning.

Tutor Nicole Gill said:

“I am extremely happy and excited for his future. The difference between now and the person I met on the first day of our course is overwhelming. He is awaiting his driving licence through the post, and has set up an application with the bank to have his wages paid into his own account. This is a huge success and personal achievement for Dale. I am very pleased with his progress and I will be keeping in touch with Dale to ensure he has the continued support he needs to stay on track and change his life for the better. Well done, Dale!”

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