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Embrace Dry January, Embrace a Healthy Body

In recent years, January has commonly become known as ‘Dry January’- a month dedicated to abstaining from alcohol. This campaign was founded by Emily Robinson of Alcohol Change UK in 2013 after she decided to refrain from alcohol herself for one month whilst she trained for a half marathon, she immediately noticed a positive outcome and inspired others to follow suit.

Follow-up research conducted in August with people who took part in Dry January 2018 found 80% felt more in control of their drinking, drinking days had fallen from 4.3 to 3.3 days per week, units consumed had also fallen from 8.6 to 7.1 and participants said this had led to better sleep, more energy and weight loss. The benefits of completing dry January were still being felt 7 months later.

For many this can be quite a challenge, especially since drinking has become an enjoyable part of British culture and knowing that adult habits are harder to break. However, done as a team, if we spur each other on and support each other then it can become an enjoyable and rewarding lifestyle change. The key to success in January is supporting one another each day and creating alternative options that prevent others from losing focus and ultimately, failing in the task. Even one month will help to develop new helpful habits that can be continued throughout the year. This could reduce the overall consumption of alcohol in general and boost productivity for all involved.

How can your company support the campaign?

 Try Dry – Encourage the workforce to download the ‘Dry January’ app on their phone. This is an app where people can track the amount of units they are drinking, how much they are saving financially and the calories they are avoiding too.

  1. Charity events – Organise an ‘alcohol free’ event such as a ‘team games night’ where each participant will pay a small fee to join. The winning team will win a prize and the funds raised can go to ‘Alcohol Change UK’.
  2. Regular updates – Create a sign-up board, send out motivational emails every other day and set up weekly meetings with the group to find out how each person is getting on (everyone must be honest). If someone admits to ‘slipping up’, they could donate an extra £5 for each day they do so.

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