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Employee Appreciation Day – Pam Dawson

Pam – middle back row.


At PeoplePlus we appreciate the work, time and effort our colleagues put into everything they do, making sure our customers, learners, businesses, carers and clients get the best service possible.

One of the things we do to give back to our colleagues is offering them 2 additional days leave a year, one for volunteering and one as a personal ‘life event day’ to be taken whenever they need an additional day off for something special.

Last year one of our business advisers in the enterprise division – Pam Dawson, took her volunteering day to give back to the community and hoped to enlist the help of fellow colleagues to help pack present 185 hampers for children in St Ethelowold’s, Sealand and Queensferry Primary schools. In addition she also wanted to make a Christmas dinner to be delivered on Boxing Day to 85 older residents that live locally in sheltered accommodation.

After a lot of work and some amazing support from local businesses, Pam was able to source the food and the gifts that would go into the hampers, and also provide the cooked meal for the older residents.

We asked Pam what inspired her to put this project together and to Pam it was about the community, she said:

After speaking with my friends and husband, I realised that there was a greater need for support for the local community here in North Wales, now more than ever.



Unfortunately due to the lockdown restrictions, colleagues couldn’t travel from the North West of England into Wales this year. But that didn’t stop Pam; she decided to take on the challenge herself…

Speaking to Pam about the challenge she faced and how it had turned out, she told us:

“My house looked like a warehouse for a couple of weeks and when it came to filling the hampers, not a single inch of floor in any room in the house was free. I turns out that 185 hampers takes up an awful lot of space; and wrapping 580 presents is also no small task! We delivered the hampers to the schools just before the Christmas break which were very pleased with our efforts. It was a brilliant day and although absolutely shattered it was a joy to do.

On Christmas Day, with a house again full of food, we started to prepare the meals for Boxing Day. It was just my husband and I and 5.30 am we started cooking. By 12.30pm everything was in place. We delivered 85 meals to residents, and because we had to do it in stages it took over 2 hours but the end result was that everyone got a hot meal and pudding.

It was a lovely day and we have had lots of the residents and their family members contact us to say how much they enjoyed the food.”

While we know colleagues would have loved to help Pam and the community around her in need of support, it is fantastic to see what can be achieved when a good person puts their mind to it, reaches out and gives something back. What a star.




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