Employment Success For Former HMP Ranby Resident

Mark Crabtree,  successfully achieved the WAMITAB Level 2 diploma in Sustainable Resource Management while at HMP Ranby.

On his release the Skillcert employability team were able to work with Mark to secure sustainable employment with one of our employment partners and in September 2019 Mark began his new role as a Recycling Operative with Veolia.

“Without the help I’ve had, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to approach Veolia myself” – Mark Crabtree

“Working with Skillcert has been invaluable for launching the Through The Gate programme in Veolia. Not only are the candidates well equipped and knowledgeable for work in our industry due to the WAMITAB qualification, but the additional support provided by Skillcert means the employment process post-release is smooth and easy, which we hope will result in better long-term outcomes” – Sophie Gray, HR Brand & Inclusion Specialist

PeoplePlus deliver SkillsCert qualifications as part of our prison education framework delivery.

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