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Good News Story from Scotland

Jevgenijs Kurmelovs was made redundant from his position as a chef because of covid-19 and the impact the lockdown had on the hospitality industry. He was referred to complete a DPS Pre-Esol course and during this period thought it would be an ideal opportunity to brush up on his English language skills. PeoplePlus redesigned a training room within their office at Stockwell Street, Glasgow, to provide a safe and relaxed learning environment. This dedicated classroom was subjected to a strict risk assessment and robust Covid-19 measures were put in place ensuring appropriate distancing, PPE provision and contact restrictions which ensured the health and safety of all delegates and staff. Jevenijs said he felt comfortable attending every day as he knew his safety was at the forefront of what PeoplePlus do.

Having worked in various restaurants with only Eastern European and Russian speakers for a considerable time, he was rarely in a setting which gave him a chance to speak English. Attending the Pre-Esol course gave Jevgenijs more confidence to apply for jobs in an environment where he would be required to speak English, rather than his native Russian.

After attending the 6-week programme, Jevgenijs said “I have gained more confidence, discovered new social networks, learned more about English grammar, made new friends from different countries and produced a professional CV. All of these new skills and experiences as well as producing a professional CV will increase my chance of securing an interview with future employers”.

Jevgenijs’ newly found confidence enabled him to apply for jobs and as a result, he has now successfully secured a part-time role.

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