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Great feedback on pre-employment training course from residents at HMP The Mount

HMP The Mount PeoplePlus worked in partnership with Reliable Contractors to offer a fantastic pre-employment training course to the residents of HMP The Mount in Hertfordshire. The programme, delivered by London based construction company Reliable Contractors, lasted for 2 days and aimed to prepare residents for work outside of prison. This involved looking at the construction sector including contracts available, the roles on offer and the skills needed in order to secure work.

Morgan who facilitated the session said:

“Thanks to the support of PeoplePlus, I have had the privilege of working with a group of residents at HMP The Mount who were committed, enthusiastic and passionate about a career within the construction industry. After just two days, I saw each one of our attendees confidence grow and their employability skills develop to a very high standard. Since delivering the programme, I have already started working with those who have been released, all of which are already showing great promise! We are dedicated to support ex-offenders into employment and it is an absolute pleasure to be partnered with PeoplePlus to help achieve our goals.’

Reliable Contractors came to HMP The Mount to identify potential recruits for projects they are currently working on and it has helped them to find individuals who would be ready to start work with them upon release is keeping an eye on their health and wellbeing, both in the workplace and at home. We work through a health and wellbeing plan including resilience and strategies to achieve good mental health. This is particularly useful when residents can openly discuss their concerns and receive advice on how to spot issues. We have received really reassuring feedback from those who attended the programme. One resident found the course so useful he told us:

“Before Reliable Contractors came in, I didn’t really know what the next step in life was for me. I’ve now got the opportunity to change my life for the better and I can make my son and mum happy. It’s a great opportunity for people like me, who have been in prison for many years, with no potential options upon release. I really appreciate this chance that I’ve been given.”

“They should do more things like this in establishments as it is very helpful.”


“A lot of inmates need this when they get out.”

Furthermore, 100% of attendees said they enjoyed the programme and gained confidence.

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