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Our Top 5 Tips For Returning To The Office

Most of us will have had the option to return to the office by now and although this will be welcomed by some for others this may have raised issues of anxiety. Here are our top tips to feel confident when returning to the office.

  1. Be open with your manager

If you feel anxious about your return to the office environment discuss this with your manager. They should be able to listen to your concerns and may be able to put your mind at rest. They will be able to explain what procedures have been put in place for you to keep you safe.

  1. Take it slow

If you feel very uncomfortable with the thought of 5 days back in the office, then see if there is an option to work from home for part of the week. The option of part time home working, part time office working will ease you back in slowly.

  1. Plan your commute

Make sure you leave in plenty of time and be organised. Having your commute planned will ensure no extra stress on the way to work. If you are driving, make sure you have enough petrol. If you need to use public transport then make sure you know the easiest and quickest route.

  1. Relax the night before

Get an early night to ensure you have had enough sleep and you aren’t tired in the morning. Lack of sleep can increase feelings of anxiety, especially when you are already worrying about something. Try to think of a relaxing activity the night before like having a bath, going for a jog or reading a good book so you go to bed feeling calm and ready for the next day.

  1. Communicate

It can be hard to talk about how we are feeling, especially in the workplace, but do your best to communicate with your employers and colleagues when you are finding things difficult. You may find that some of them are feeling exactly the same way you are. The more they know about the way you feel the more they can try to help you to adjust and feel comfortable.

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